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Fiction podcasts are a rapidly diversifying and growing market within the podcast and audio industry. Major companies are investing in creating scripted fiction works in audio form, while independent creators have been in this game since the beginning of podcasting.

It’s past time to take fiction audio creation and enjoyment seriously. That’s where I come in.

Analysis & Critique

I want to create a platform for fiction podcasting that is respectable and critical. I want it to be regarded as a serious artistic endeavor, even if you’re making it in your closet.

You can find my professional critique in several outlets and columns, or you can read the Audio Dramatic archive to get a feel for my more casual style.

Elena Fernández Collins

Elena is a podcast critic, journalist, and podcast host. She started specializing in fiction podcasts and independent audio by marginalized voices when she realized how much those creators were devalued and underrepresented.

She lives in Portland, OR with one very dramatic cat.


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